County Record Bdrm/Bthrm Vs. Actual

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If you have a 3/2 but it is recorded as a 2/1, is there any reason you would want to update the county tax records?

The primary reason I want to avoid this is property tax savings, but I'm trying to think of any pitfalls. This is a rental property.

Presumably the addition was made in the 1980's (originally built in the 1950's), and no updates were ever made with the city (Dallas, TX).

Do you own this house now or are you looking to buy it?  If you are buying you may have an unpermitted addition. Sometimes the tax info can be wrong too but usually it is not the room count that is off.  For a buy you use that info as a negotiation tool. Maybe someone in Texas can give you better idea on pros and cons if you already own the home.  

County records in Texas are notoriously inaccurate.  I would not place any value on having them be accurate.  The only thing a higher appraised value you pay more in property taxes.  They are no indication of market value

@Colleen F. I own the house. I am getting it ready to rent and I had some general concerns about listing it for rent as a 3/2 when the tax records show it as a 2/1. I think it will be totally fine (even favorable) to keep it as a 2/1, but I wanted to throw it out here to the group. This is my first rental. I appreciate the response!