No heat/hot water, tenant wants a hotel

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@Lyndal McMurphy I had similar situation where water heater was shorted and caught on fire, tenant acted quickly and used the fire extinguisher to put it out. Fire extinguisher came with the property when I bought it from previous landlord who was a fire marshall. Thank god!!

I moved them to extended stay hotel for $165 and it took is three days to clean and replace water heater. She was so grateful and I wrote it off as an experiment my tax return for that property.

Fast forward, she decided to move year later and brought her best friend to take over the unit because she liked how I treated her. She moved out and her friend moved in next day, zero turn over cost and increased rent. It paid off.

I would recommend to pay her excess utility bill and write it off on your taxes, if leak is fixed then you don’t need to put them in a hotel.

Ooh, calling @Natalie Kolodij to see if this is a tax-deductible item... 

 As long as insurance doesn't reimburse for it- I'd say totally deductible. 

@Lyndal McMurphy We recently has to open an insurance claim for water damage. Since the repair of the damage was going to take a week to be completed when the insurance adjuster came to the property he told our tenant that in situations like this one their renter’s insurance come out handy to pay for then to stay at a hotel while the repairs where completed. Make sure you have her call her insurance carrier!

@Lyndal McMurphy honestly you want to keep your tenant happy and avoid a lawsuit. She may complain and not pay rent or move out. I placed my tenant in a room when I had to replace the flooring. I had her sign an agreement of understanding that will be she will be financially responsible for additional charges that she may accrue. She was happy and remains my tenant....that was Five years ago.

Originally posted by @Lyndal McMurphy :

"Next thing I need to address is her latest gas bill which was over $400.  And I even think the billing period for that bill ended well before we discovered the leak, so there could be another large bill incoming.  Hopefully the gas company will provide some relief on the bill."

In Oklahoma City, the utility companies may provide relief if you show evidence that a leak was repaired. Give them a call and have receipt in hand.


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