Rental Property in Cahokia, Illinois

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I have a friend selling a recently rehabbed property in Cahokia for $20,000. It’s a 2 bed 1 Bath. I checked rentometer and average rents are around $1000 +|-

Is anyone currently renting/living in the area? Based of past posts it sounds like there is lots of crime (trulia crime maps says that’s not so)

Also posts mentioned property management was poor. 
Anyone have any recommendations for PM’s or should I skip this area all together and save the headache?

On paper I see a 20,000 cash property that would rent for $850, producing cash flow that might be worth the effort.

Cahokia is near east St.Louis.  If you search the crime rates for either of them the numbers are not good - high crime rates.  In my opinion I would stay away.  I always try to invest in areas where if I had to stay I would feel safe.  Think about someone who has to work on unit/building.  Are there tools going to get stolen?  Do they need worry about responding to an an emergency at night?  You can do better in a less crime driven area.

@Kenneth Dill I live close to Cahokia. I’m not sure that the houses are renting for that much. It’s right by East St Louis which is real high on crime. DM me the address I could check it out for you, some homes in areas are on blocks that are 50 % vacant

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