Tenant having an issue with me showing the property as they move

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They gave notice of move out end of March. I've had two showings in about 1.5 weeks. Usually I do an open house in summers but it's slim pickings and waiting for enough people to justify an open house is not feasible, it would take a month and they would find another place by then.

The one room mate asked about an open house and I explained this to him.

Now the other room mate (there are four of them) called  me after I gave notice that there would be a tour tonight at 6 PM (2 days in advance) that he doesn't want me there, it's valentines day, etc. 

I explained to him I don't need his permission to enter the house, their lease and the law requires them to allow me to show the house. Interfering with that will result in a 10 day notice to comply or vacate....

He said he couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't be naked in the house...

What to do? Serve him 10 day notice to comply?

Honestly, you should have pictures of the place to show online to prospective tenants and let them know when the current tenants will be out. If your state laws allow for you to just roll in with a 2-day notice that's great but if you do and he is        " naked ", what did he do that was breaking the lease? 

Might as well just wait for them to move out or get a new tenant who will reserve the home.

Good luck!