Paying Duplex Utilities

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I am looking at my first duplex that was converted into a SFH. I plan to convert it back to a duplex; however, all of the utilities are set up for a SFH now. Should I have the utility companies add another line or should I pay the utilities for the tenants? Also, if I pay the utilities, do I add that charge to the rent? How is this typically handled?

Personally I would split it back up. Free utilities will likely get abused, youll be the neighborhood's free laundromat.

FYI my city wont submeter water in duplexes, so our options are to use a private submetering company or split the bill using a system like "ratio unit billing system" aka RUBS which is what I do, but its a nuisance.

Here's why I will NEVER pay a tenant's utilities;

First starting out years ago I had a large 3 fam house that was fully rented.  I paid the heat.  During the winter, we wore sweats in our own home and kept an eye on the thermostat.

While collecting rent one February, in one apartment the tenant answered the door in shorts and a t-shirt.  I went into the apartment and saw a window open.  (Note:  the thermostat was in a locked box set at 69 degrees in a different apartment.)

I asked him why the window was open when it was 20 degrees outside.  "It got too hot in here so we opened the window."

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