New Landlord Ordinance in Charlotte, NC.

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Adam Furlough

Dec 31 '12, 07:38 AM

The city of Charlotte is now requiring landlords to register all their properties with the police department. Those that don't face a penalty. Also, landlords with properties located in troubled areas (locations with top 4 percent in police phone calls) can be charged a $350 fee for SFHs and up to $1,300 for large apartment complexes.

Are these ordinances prevalent in other cities? I've never heard about an ordinance like this and would like to hear others thoughts on the subject.

Here is the link to the article posted in our local newspaper:

Medium 1434903723 avatar wakeproperties Chris Martin
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Chris Martin

Investor from N Topsail Beach, North Carolina

Dec 31 '12, 07:42 AM

Your URL linked: City landlords must register with police

Raleigh has a rental dwelling registration as well.

Medium 1448397917 avatar plaussie1 Pat L.
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Pat L.

Investor from Upstate, New York

Dec 31 '12, 08:00 AM

We have the same up here.
Also absentee landlords outside the city radius pay a registration fee & are fined if you fail to register.
The City I deal with also insists on having the landlord contact information on file but after several years they still screw it up.
I hold the mortgage for one of the Building Inspectors (in place b4 he got the job) so he is a wealth of knowledge.

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Orlando, FL
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Bienes Raices

from Orlando, Florida

Dec 31 '12, 10:05 AM

I've heard that in Mount Dora (FL) landlords must register their their property with the city and have an inspection performed every couple of years at their expense. Thankfully Orlando hasn't done this.

Medium 1434819274 avatar ilikemoney Rob K.
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Rob K.

Investor from Southeast, Michigan

Dec 31 '12, 11:56 AM

The cities that I have rentals in all require an inspection every 2-3 years along with a fee (tax). You will learn to hate it.

As far as paying an extra fee to the police department, I have never heard of this. Aren't your property taxes supposed to cover police protection? If they are having problems at certain buildings, why not have undercover cops hang out there and learn who the bad people are and bust them? Why charge the landlord for the end result of the revolving door prison system and overall coddling of criminals?

Pat L.

Investor from Upstate, New York

Dec 31 '12, 12:32 PM

Originally posted by Rob K:
Why charge the landlord for the end result of the revolving door prison system and overall coddling of criminals?

Then we had two half way houses approved by the city (in a nice area) only to find it housed sex offenders etc.
Now the city is filing lawsuits against the operators esp now that the crime rate in the n'hood went exponential & the over taxed neighbors revolted. Failing that the city is pushing building code violations for just about everything.
Go figure!!!

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Bryan A. Donor

Full-Time Investor from Charlotte, North Carolina

Jan 14 '13, 05:39 AM

@Adam Furlough, we just had a meeting last week at the metrolina reia about this..i'm sure there'll be more discussion of you go to the reia??

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