I have a question. Back in Fall of 2018 I was served with eviction. I owed 2800 and paid 2200. Landlord then added on all the court fees saying I had to pay for them. Since then I have paid my rent on time. Every month I would add a little towards back balance.  6 months ago he started charging me 75 extra a month saying that was a late fee for the back balance until it was paid off. I saved all our text messages and had a text from his wife letting me know I owed 550 back in October.  Since then I paid 150 towards back balance so i owed 400. That phone was broken and i lost all my messages. Yesterday he tells me i owe 1400. What he did was he went back to 2018 and added 75 for every month saying i had to pay 75 a month for late fee even though my rent has been paid on time every month since then and ive been chipping away at back balance with after paying the 2200 was 700. Is this legal? I will also add i never ask for anything and i have replaced floors, repainted, fuxed things and because he never cleans gutters water leaks through walls causing mold and mildew rotting wood sills. There are old windows and in winter drafts bad causing my electric heat to be out ragous. What are the laws on late fees in CT? Didnt think he could go back 16 months at 75 per month for late fee. Also can he make me pay him back for all the evictuon fees thank you in advance