Covid 19 Closing this is what you have to do to stay safe

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Did closing today with mobile notary.. notice glove on signing hand and social distance along with Notary brought a box of brand new pens

sign of the times.. mobile notaries are swamped right now according to him

Originally posted by @Scott Mac :

Nice Tesla, white looks sharp!

And Mr. Notary is going to trip over his shoe laces.

Actually that's me signing.. I was getting ready for my mid day hour walk..  had my glove on my mask and tried to keep my distance.

yup we are certainly Tesla fan boys.. my wife has a black X.. I have the white one..  one thing in these times I don't have to worry about pumping gas or touching a gas pump that's been touched by how many..  I just plug it in at home so I have a full tank every day LOL