A/C Window units in units

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No ,  we don't and we allow tenants to have their own. On occasion in apartments I get a request to help a tenant install one in the window as they don't know how.

@Matt Anderson   I haven't had them crack a window and while I do get some who screw them in the window frames are for the most part wood so it is a small repair on move out.  I just saw a small kid in Worcester pushed an AC out a second story window and the AC and kid landed on the pavement so I have considering sending a notice to remind tenants that AC should be secured. 

Some leases explicitly say, no installation without landlord's permission. I offer to help our tenants, to ensure they're installed correctly - not damaging the frame, or draining improperly. I also know one landlord who only allows the type that stand inside and vent out the window - she doesn't allow window installation.