Eviction Moratorium in CA for reasons other than payment?

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to determine whether the eviction moratorium in California applies to all evictions, or only for evictions related to payment?  Right now, I have a tenant who is intimidating other tenants.  Would that be grounds for issuance of a 3-Day Notice to Quit?  The wording of Governor Newsom's order seems to relate to financially-motivated evictions.  But I'm not a lawyer.  Does anyone have insight into this?

Thanks in advance!

@H Lee I’m in similar situation and you can evict for other reason as long as its non payment of rent. However, you must be able to provide solid proof that they are a

Nuisance. unfortunately it has to be more than complaints from tenants. You need physical solid proof or a criminal complaint.

@H Lee police report on file will work! I spoke with my attorney and the city and both mentioned needing a police report on file. Unfortunately, for me s my situation the neighbor and my tenant(former now) were too scared to go the police out of fear for their own safety. So the tenant left instead.

@H Lee if you have never filed an unlawful detainer, I recommend one but at the bare minimum at least consult with one, but If your tenant knows the laws or goes and contacts one of the many tenant advocates out there and you file but don’t do everything perfectly check everything right it become a drawn out nightmare