Can I ever recovery Unpaid rent during coronvirus

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Originally posted by @Cydney Smith :

Yes the eviction was granted based on non renewal of the month to month lease, but to be able to evict the 5 months of unpaid rent  could be requested

 Was the lease not renewed or were they evicted?  If they were month to month and you gave them notice to leave, they were not necessarily.

@Cydney Smith just because they stopped paying doesn’t mean they don’t owe you the money. Even with all the new covid rules. You are entitled to collect the past due rent. It may take some time and an attorney. Only you can decide if it is worth the time and money to get what you are owed.

small claims get judgement then try to garnish..  or just let he judgement sit there sometime in the next 10 years you may get a nice gift ..