Individual landlord considered a Furnisher under FCRA?

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Hey everyone,

My previous tenant has been asking me to give her some details to report to Credit Bureau. I am an Individual Landlord that doesn't report anything to Credit Agency. Do I need to provide her any details? She co-leased with her boyfriend and I have record of payments only from her boyfriend and nothing directly from her. She has a track record of being unstable, irresponsible and has even caused damage to my rental. She notified that I have to legally supply her information according to Furnisher's Rule but I have researched and it seems like I do not as I am not entity that reports to Credit Agency.

Please advise.

There is no requirement for you to report to any credit agency.

There is a new feature in some apartment-management software that allows for credit reporting. If there is a resident that wants to build their credit score, they can turn on that feature, but there is usually a nominal charge for that.