Renting to/with Healthcare Recruitment Agencies

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Hi Everyone, 

Wondering if anyone has any experience working with a Healthcare recruitment/placement agency, in regards to finding renters vs taking the more conventional route and posting an ad. I am located in New Hampshire and wondering if working with a placement company provides more or less benefits. Any advice is welcome!

Thank you!!

@Nicole Borden This is a niche I have thought about in the past myself. The obvious is the tenant search is taken care of for you. What I'm unsure of is, do they negotiate rent or just pay what you are asking? I would think creating a lasting relationship with them would benefit you as an owner. 

We know the nursing field is not going anywhere but most of the traveling nurses are on an 'at-will' contract and can be let go at anytime for any reason generally speaking (I'm not a lawyer). So that is one thing to consider, but I would imagine the staffing agency would send a replacement sooner than later. 

I'm curious to see if anyone has had experience with this and what it is.