Corporate lease questions

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I just posted a newly updated duplex online for rent. I received an inquiry from a corporate housing company asking if I was open to a corporate lease. After talking to them I understand the following:

- They want to sign a 1-3 year lease and be responsible for the rent to me. BTW, they are interested in leasing both sides of the duplex.

- They would furnish the two units and rent to corporate clients needing housing for traveling nurses, any other corporate staff needing temporary housing. 

Has anyone done this? What should I be concerned about? and what should I be asking about?

Thanks to anyone with experience on this topic!!

Hi @Lawrence Rowell , welcome to the Biggerpockets forums!  

I've accidentally done this a few times and it has mostly turned out well.  I'll tell you this:  it rises and falls primarily based on the corporate housing company.  If their other listings are sharp and they market well, then they are likely to be attracting a quality tenant.  If they are scrubby, then they'll likely be attracting scrubs.

Either way, I'd recommend getting a higher security deposit. Especially with them controlling the whole home I'd want to make sure the deposit was on par with the trust I'm putting in them.