Investing in Augusta, GA 7 part series

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Hello Bigger Pockets! I have posted about my experience investing in Augusta, GA from time to time on the forum. Every once in a while I get questions about the market- where the best areas are for deals, how find great contractors, and why I think Augusta is a great secondary market for investors. To add value, I put all the FAQs into a series of short videos to help people break down the different zip codes, tenant types, finding contractors, etc. If you are interested, PM me, or drop a comment below and I will share the link over to you. (no catch) Just wanting to give back to a community that has given a lot of great information to me. 

@Joseph Firmin whew! No pressure. lol. I will email you over the links. These are all based on my personal experiences over the past 15 years- but always open to additional info if you want to add.