Question about master key lock system , lock access

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You guys are probably used to getting questions from other landlords ,but I'm actually a tenant in a large complex That is zoned for office and residential. I'm just curious how a Master key system works because I just moved in and there appears to be too many people, some of them unknown and strange ,that have a master key to all the locks there.. One time when I was coming back I even saw a staff member opening one door after another saying they were looking for the owner of a car in the parking lot and since there's all different people here day and night for my safety and the safety of some valuable stuff I have in there I went ahead and changed the law they're supposed to notify the tenant and get permission before they just go and open people's doors. I used the exact same brand deadbolt as what was in the door before. My question is will their master key work on any deadbolt of the same brand or are there locks specially made to work with that key? Yeah I know some people are going to say I shouldn't change the locks, I should contact the landlord , but I will take my chances. I think my safety and the safety of the stuff for my business is more important. Thanks for any help.

You are correct that a landlord is required to provide notice before entering, unless there is an emergency situation.

Just because you have the same deadbolt, doesn't mean any key, even a mastered one will work in your lock.  A mastered lock has to be specifically set up to handle two keys, the one for the resident and the other master lock.  Usually these are set up by a locksmith because the people at Lowes and Home Depot don't know how to do it.

I would recommend you provide your landlord a copy of your key for emergencies.  If they do not have a copy of the key and they are lawfully entering (with notice or for emergency) they can drill out your lock, replace, and charge you for the trouble.