ISO PM in Charlotte, NC

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If you're interested in working with a property manager, making sure they are local experts can be one of the most imporant factors in making sure your rental property is profitable and up to code with local legislation and rental increases.

Having worked with Steve Rozenberg, Bigger Pockets contributor, professional real estate investor, and Head of Investment Education at Mynd Management, I've learned that not having a local team can be one of the biggest drains on investors return on investment.

There are some great ways to source a local team. I'm happy to tell you more if you're interested.

@Marquitia Booker Check out Mynd they are the experts at helping Investors find the right Property Management Coverage and Plan, with outstanding Portfolio Managers who oversee all aspects of your investment from making a property rent ready, leasing, rent collection, accounting, etc. They are in 20 different markets across the country. I use them for my Arizona rental property and it's thriving as an investment for me! Message me if you would like the contact info or website. Best of luck!