EVICTION IN NC STATE (Non Payment of Rent)

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Hello BP Friends,
I am in a sticky situation so thought I reach out for some advice/options/strategies. I have a 1SF Rental.

Had a new tenant back in Oct 2020. His deposit payment and first month payment was late. Reason provided = Avail is difficult to use and cousin got shot. Real reason  = NSF

November 2020- Rent received 17 days late. Reason provided = grandfather passed away. Reason provide by Avail = NSF
December 2020 - Rent not received yet. Reason provided = got covid. Real reason = I am not sure what to believe anymore. He has not communicated to me about any hardship. I have called him, texted him, emailed and suddenly no response.

I want him gone and am planning to file an eviction. I understand there is moratorium in place, but it is for covered person and my tenant has not told be of any hardship.

Any advice, suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Hi Manish

You need a landlord tenant lawyer - they may refer to themselves as real property or real estate attorneys also. The attorney needs to see your lease and discuss the specifics in detail with you.

It is helpful to require certified funds or the receipt of electronically transferred funds before giving the keys to a new tenant.  Good luck.