I'm a new member of BP and I'm really enjoying spending time here browsing and reading. My wife and I have lived in Oakland for 20 years, and I've recently been thinking about getting into rental property investing. Specifically, I want to purchase the 4 unit multi-family property where my wife and I currently reside (which is not currently on the market btw). I've been trying to research local specific information on taxes (e.g. the Oakland rental gross income tax), rules and regulations (e.g. Oakland Municipal Code Chapter 8.58), and such. I wonder if you could point me in a good direction for some resources? Books, blogs, websites, lists, whatever... I'm new to this, and still in the information gathering and preparation stage, (as well as the pad my bank account for a solid down-payment stage). Any guidance is much appreciated. I'm just soaking it all in. I'm excited to be here, motivated to learn and grow, and looking forward to networking and meeting great people. Cheers!

Thank you for your time,

Joseph Spear