Do I reject this Applicant ?

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Tenant coming out of State, mom and child

She told me on the phone that she had bad credit which is usually no problem to me since she was Section 8.

She filled in the application and it came out she not only has bad credit but a lot of Collections from different Credit Cards. There is a big student loan but the rest are just credit cards.

She told me she is quitting Section 8 as she doesn’t need it anymore (strange) as she is driving an Uber now and does plenty of money.

She gave me past Landlords to check.

I still feel having so many collections does not show a responsible person.

What would you do ?

If rejecting this tenant, how do I write ✍️ the rejection ? I haven’t rejected anyone before.



Based on what you've told us so far I would say this is a solid reject.

1) Uber income is variable and not garnisheeable if she fails to pay.

2) Current land lords will lie to get rid of a bad resident.  You need the land lord from before the current LL, and it can't be a friend or family member.

3) Collections are a sign of severe financial problems.

4) About the only thing we don't know so far is criminal background. 

I screen on 4 major areas: income, credit, land lord history, and background.  So far, she's a NO-GO in 3 of 4 areas.

P.S. Section 8 won't pay if you have to evict her, so even if she keeps it you will mostly likely end up being another of her unpaid creditors when it's time to stiff you.