Who Pays For Repairs?

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If the landlord provides a stove, refrigerator, dish washer, and washer/dryer in a unit, who pays for the repairs? I think if the tenant caused the damage then the tenant pays. Also if the tenant calls for a repair man with out letting the landlord know, then the tenant pays for that too.
Under what circumstance should the landlord pay for repairs to the above mentioned appliances, which the landlord provided for the tenants convenience?
Also in the case of the dishwasher and washer/dryer if the appliance is damaged beyond repair is the landlord obligated to replace it? Will not replacing it effect the lease and or the rent?

Thank you for your thoughts.

You need a good lease contract. If the tenant causes damage he/she is liable for repairs. If a tenant calls a repairman without your consent they should be liable as well. An emergency repair is different, if something is a real emergency and the tenant takes steps to remedy an emergency situation the landlord should be liable. The trick is determining what is considered to be a true emergency. Your state laws may protect the tenant in many situations as well.


It depends on the laws in the state you are in.

Generally, tenants are liable for all damages, excluding normal wear and tear Don't expect the carpet to look new after seven years, for example. Quite a few locales state a tenant has to notify and give the landlord reasonable time to make the repairs. So, if two months go by and you haven't bothered to make the repairs, it is perfectly reasonable for a tenant to call someone and take it off the rent. In these cases the landlord has nobody to blame but themselves.

Unless, of course, the tenant caused the damage. They they should ideally be liable

Rehab is right. You need something in the lease that clarifies situations like yours. My lease says something like...if the damage is caused by the tenants misuse, abuse or neglect they are responsible for the reapirs.

But what of the case of say the oven stops working because of a clogged jet. It was't misuse or really wear and tear. (maybe not a good example)
In a Texas lease lease I got a hold of, it alows for a minimum charge to the tenant for the first X amount of repair costs to charge to the tenant and the rest to the landlord except under the conditions landlord/tenant fault. Is there any in between? Its kind of worded like a deductable.

But I do have a line that allows for Appliances that will not be repaired.

Any thoughts?

The worse repeater is overstuffing a garbage disposal and you know what's down the toilet. You just have to warn the tenants in the lease as to the problems these things cause and how easy is may be to determine what made the toilet back up? The last visit I made, there was a large rag in the toilet. She was notified she'll be paying for it. She preferred to have it taken out of her deposit.

Laundry equipment. Some leases state that the equipment is provided at the landlord's discretion and if broken will not be replacement necessarily.
They need to be put on notice in writing.