Tenant Parking Rights

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I'm a landlord in NYC and I have a nightmare who has stopped paying rent and will not move out, taking advantage of the eviction moratorium. Can I take away the parking spot I allowed her to use since the beginning of her tenancy? This parking spot is not in the lease at all and it was always just a verbal agreement. It was in the initial listing as coming with the apartment though. She's on a one year lease ending at the end of next month. 

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Also I live in the building (2FH) so I could use the parking spot for myself or rent it out to a neighbor.

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Already in the eviction process but it might take many more months bc of how slow the housing court is right now.

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*nightmare tenant

Could you? Sure. Do you think she'll abide by your new rule when she's already refusing to abide by anything else? 

Don't waste your time. Give her notice that her lease is not renewing and get rid of her. I recommend using a good eviction attorney and making it clear that you intend to evict and seek a judgment for every penny owed as soon as the moratorium is lifted.

Definitely agree with @Nathan G. I would get an attorney involved ASAP and show them your lease. They will be able to guide you on the next steps. I would also go ahead and give the tenant a notice in certified mail that they need to pay or quit.