$15 for every mail from registered agent?

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Hey guys, a question, how's your experience with the registered agents? Me and my brother created LLC and since I live in Asia and he lives in San Francisco and our properties are in Indianapolis we took Northwest registered agent with the address in Indiana. And all the way until now we just had that basic one year cost. And now they sent as an email saying that for every mail that they will send us we will need to pay an extra $15.

I was thinking that there wont be anything else besides that basic cost. I have no idea how many mail should we receive in a year? And we are thinking about changing the registered agent if others don't ask for the money for every mail that they receive. Or it is the same with every registered agent?

Thanks for reading :)

Your registered agent will only get official state documents and, hopefully never, lawsuits.

Most services don't charge you for the first five documents which would be from the Secretary of State and whatnot.

Then it's $15 for each thereafter.

I went through LegalZoom and have never received more than five documents.

I agree with Ed. The service that I use scans everything to me and then if I need something mailed they will forward it to me up to a certain amount of documents. I use my registered agent as my business address as well as my registered agent, but I get as many documents that I can sent to my house by using that as my mailing address.