Section 8 - During 2008-2012 Did the government still pay?

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It is my understanding that they've never missed section 8 payment no matter how bad the economy was and that's why they're considered recession proof but am curious if anyone has any other information on it?

Not one payment was missed by our Housing Authority throughout that period. The gubmint would never tell all those registered voters and their registered-voter relatives that, oops, sorry, they were now on the hook for housing expenses for someone else.

Uncle Sam just does that to landlords in times of crisis.

They sure did pay :-)   In fact everytime there is a "government shut down" (December timeframe every couple of years) Section 8 always pays. That's why I love renting out to people with vouchers. Give me a properly screened tenant with a Section 8 Voucher all day long and twice on Sundays.