Just looking to expand our space but forced to do JADU

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In SF South Bay Area.. Just wanted to seek advise regarding our plan to add rooms to our 2br home. Our family is growing (I am expecting) and are in need of more rooms to accommodate all. However, we have a very small lot so our only option to expand our space, and that is also within our budget is to use our garage. So I sketched our plan showing the conversion of our garage into two bedrooms, and a laundry room (since our W&D is already in the garage anyways). It was rejected by the city since apparently garage conversions should only be an ADU/JADU. We are not looking into renting out our space, it is only for our family's use. But because it was rejected now I'm currently in the process of making another draft so that it will meet the JADU requirements. It will still have the 2br + laundry are AND a mini kitchen area and an exit door to meet the JADU criteria but I'm designing it so it will still look like it is part of the house :( I'm wondering if it will be more of a disadvantage if ever we move in the future...otherwise we'll just grow old here :)

I am attaching the draft I made...not an architect but did my best. Would this be considered JADU? I really want it to look like it still is actually part of the house. Again, we are not looking into sharing our space to rent..

Hi Anj,

Good news to be planning for a growing family! Best to stay ahead of it of course. 

The ADU/JADU law from 2020 should work in your favor, but you'll still need to confirm with your local jurisdiction.

The first thing to confirm, and it may be why the city suggested it, is that IF you convert your garage to a JADU, you will not be asked to provide new parking areas elsewhere on the property. 

Then you can review this law, or South SF's interpretation of the law section, to really ensure you provide the minimum requirements for your proposed JADU (kitchenette, 500 SF max, separate entrance, shared utilities with main house, shared bathroom, etc). GC Sections 65852.2(e)(1)(A) and 65852.22 or https://www.ssf.net/Home/ShowD...

Otherwise, show the city the existing and proposed plans and it's adherence to the law for JADU's, and you should be able to proceed with plan check/permits etc. You should not be required to rent the JADU out separately, and it may offer flexibility in how you market the home if you choose to sell down the line! Granted, the trade-off is there is no covered parking anymore.