House hacking with in-law suite

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For those that house hack with an in-law suite, I have questions.

1) Do you get approval from the city to use the in-law suite as a rental?

2) How do you deal with mail/packages?

3) Do you back bill utilities?

4) Do you self manage and if not are there property managers out there that work with this type of rental?

5) Any other advice when employing this strategy would be greatly appreciated. 

Sorry if you're seeing this post on the FB group as well. Just wanted to poll a larger audience before.


    1. Like all rentals, they should have a business license with the city to be used as a rental legally. 

    2. They are required to have separate address if done legally. Mailman puts their mail in their mailbox...

    3. No

    4.self-manage. Of course there are property managers who can manage it