I am renting the main house on a property that also contains a small casita on the back half where the landlord lives. The last two water bills I have received indicate that I use an outrageous 130-150 gal/day as a single person (and I am very water-conscientious).  There is a sprinkler system that services my half of the property as well as the common space in-between our houses.  I am unaware if the sprinkler system extends to other locations around the casita.  My lease indicates that all utilities are my responsibility with the exception of "garden services and trash".  I cannot find a definition of "garden services" in my lease and when I asked my landlord he indicated that all water is my responsibility regardless of if it's lawn/garden related, but it's not clearly defined in writing.  I have no other explanation of why my water bill would be so high unless I am paying for the water for all of the landscaping on the entire property.  The sprinkler timer box is located on my house and is locked so I cannot access it to see the settings.  I'm trying to maintain a decent relationship but I feel I should have access to this if I am paying for it.  Also, is he allowed to make me pay for anything beyond my property lines...  I feel like this is an unfair situation and he's stealing water from me.