Balancing Rental Market Research with Full Time Job

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Hi @Trent Warner . Thanks for serving our country!  You’re in the right place to get the right answer to your dilemma. I like what Taylor said about passively Investing first, as a limited partner, to learn the ropes while you are in such a tight job situation. Do you see a time where you will be more free to pursue hands-on real estate? Or do you plan to be relocating at any time? This seems like a great opportunity and time to be educated deeply without trying to actively manage.Good luck! 

@Trent Warner thanks for sharing your story. I'll go against the grain here a little bit with my feedback. Suffering today in an effort to earn greater success and income for tomorrow so you can relax and feel secure at some future date is insane. Embrace the adventure that is your work - it's certainly meaningful. Your true north is clearly your family. I don't mean to get too philosophical here, but I see comments on here about just having a strong enough WHY to kill yourself during your prime years and I just think they are misguided. Life is about balance and finding your true joys. Real estate can be a true joy for some, but for many it's just a vehicle to achieve a why. For too many, I think along the way the "means to the end" become the end. I've seen plenty of people who talk about doing all these things for generational wealth or for their family, but they miss watching their kids grow up. 

For nearly a decade I've invested in a number of different real estate strategies across the spectrum: private lending, hard money lending, syndication deals, real estate crowd funding, wholesaling, land investing, note investing, STR domestic and abroad, built to rent, flips, etc. When I was single and had a lot of time, I was willing to trade my time for the higher return of some more time-intensive activities like wholesaling and flips. Now I have a fulfilling job, a wife, and two young children. Priorities change. We all give advice on here based on our circumstances, but only you know yours. Only you know the combination of time, money, and appetite for risk to find that sweet spot for real estate investing.

I might recommend you think about a few things:

1. How much time do you have for real estate without sacrificing things that are of greater value to you like time with family?

2. How big of a return DO YOU NEED? Just because some investments have the potential for higher returns doesn't mean they justify the time it would take. That doesn't make you lazy or stupid for not pursuing those. For me at my stage of life, I'll take 8-10% returns through (conservatively) lending my money out in private money, hard money, and syndication deals with tax sheltered funds and focusing on turnkeys with after tax funds. Both are relatively minimal effort and they still continue to grow my wealth while I enjoy whatever time I have in this life on things that bring me joy. 

Anyways, this was a high level response, but happy to drill down on details of investment options if you'd like. 

My husband and I partner with the "too busy" professionals and buy SFR here in Tucson. We have helped dentists, Air Force Officers, & Insurance salesman ect…Tucson is a great please to invest in rentals you just need the right partners that know what they are doing. My husband was a Chemical Enginerd 🤭 & has a MBA. So I know a about Analysis paralysis and we know how to over come that as well. DM if you have questions. Happy to help!

-Emily Erickson