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Crowdfunding has become a very hot topic recently and this forum was designed to facilitate discussions on the topic. If you're looking to learn more about real estate crowdfunding, this is the place to do it

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Choosing Crowdfunding Investments
Gary Headrick Last post by Gary Headrick, 28 minutes ago
Gary Headrick Gary Headrick 2 28 minutes Jump to last post
Anyone using PropStream recently?
James E. Graham Last post by James E. Graham, 2 days ago
James E. Graham James E. Graham 23 2 days Jump to last post
Alphaflow: looking for feedback
Charles Bonomo Last post by Charles Bonomo, 3 days ago
Charles Bonomo Charles Bonomo 11 3 days Jump to last post
Any experience to share about crowdstreet??
Tushar Prasad Last post by Tushar Prasad, 4 days ago
Tushar Prasad Tushar Prasad 21 4 days Jump to last post
Anyone have success with crowdfunding? Investment advice
Jason Monaco Last post by Jason Monaco, 5 days ago
Jason Monaco Jason Monaco 2 5 days Jump to last post
Has anyone used Groundfloor for hard money or investing?
Sin Hang Lai Last post by Sin Hang Lai, 9 days ago
Sin Hang Lai Sin Hang Lai 4 9 days Jump to last post
Groundfloor - Anyone Invested with them?
Andrew Giunta Last post by Andrew Giunta, 11 days ago
Andrew Giunta Andrew Giunta 17 11 days Jump to last post
What do you guys think about investing in Fundrise??
Ken Tracy Last post by Ken Tracy, 12 days ago
Ken Tracy Ken Tracy 16 12 days Jump to last post
506c CPA and Accounting Firms
Basit Siddiqi Last post by Basit Siddiqi, 12 days ago
Basit Siddiqi Basit Siddiqi 1 12 days Jump to last post
Realtyshares has not been paying me - how about you?
Matthew Grant Last post by Matthew Grant, 15 days ago
Matthew Grant Matthew Grant 4 15 days Jump to last post
RealtyShares K-1s issues
Luis F. Last post by Luis F., 16 days ago
Luis F. Luis F. 1 16 days Jump to last post
Looking for non owner occ cashout refi in Vancouver wa
Kent Nielson Last post by Kent Nielson, 17 days ago
Kent Nielson Kent Nielson 2 17 days Jump to last post
Has Anyone Used Regulation D Resources?
Christopher Winkler Last post by Christopher Winkler, 21 days ago
Christopher Winkler Christopher Winkler 8 21 days Jump to last post
Cardone Capital...anyone looked into this?
Jade S. Last post by Jade S., 21 days ago
Jade S. Jade S. 81 21 days Jump to last post
Direct Lending Lender Problems
Bob Franklin Last post by Bob Franklin, 23 days ago
Bob Franklin Bob Franklin 0 23 days Jump to last post
crowdfunding through Holdfolio
Steve O'Keefe Last post by Steve O'Keefe, 24 days ago
Steve O'Keefe Steve O'Keefe 2 24 days Jump to last post
Proof of Funds Letter
Jay Hinrichs Last post by Jay Hinrichs, 27 days ago
Jay Hinrichs Jay Hinrichs 6 27 days Jump to last post
Patch Of Land
Joel Katzen Last post by Joel Katzen, 28 days ago
Joel Katzen Joel Katzen 252 28 days Jump to last post
New BRRR Loan from Groundfloor - Thoughts?
Joseph Firmin Last post by Joseph Firmin, about 1 month ago
Joseph Firmin Joseph Firmin 8 about 1 month Jump to last post
Proper will offer HELOCs
Ed W. Last post by Ed W., about 1 month ago
Ed W. Ed W. 2 about 1 month Jump to last post
YieldStreet bank access question
Ian Ippolito Last post by Ian Ippolito, about 1 month ago
Ian Ippolito Ian Ippolito 5 about 1 month Jump to last post
Yieldstreet deals defaulting?
Lisa Chen Last post by Lisa Chen, about 1 month ago
Lisa Chen Lisa Chen 7 about 1 month Jump to last post
LendingOne- Anyone work with them before?
Eric E. Last post by Eric E., about 1 month ago
Eric E. Eric E. 109 about 1 month Jump to last post
Real Estate Crowdfunding Investment Ratings
Mark Robertson Last post by Mark Robertson, about 1 month ago
Mark Robertson Mark Robertson 106 about 1 month Jump to last post
CrowdStreet Christina 2 offering
Kunal Jain Last post by Kunal Jain, about 2 months ago
Kunal Jain Kunal Jain 3 about 2 months Jump to last post

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