JOBS Act - Using Crowd Funding for REI Deals

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Greetings Creative BPers!

I know that crowd funding has to do mostly with business startups, right? Will we be able to avail this opportunity as beginner REIs to start our wholesaling, rehabbing, notes or commercial dealings using crowd funding? With the typical projects that are potentials for grant-funding like elderly homecare businesses or senior citizen housing complexes, I'm wondering if anybody in our BP community has taken this route to build up their portfolio?



See also

There are discussions there on multiple aspects of crowdfunding (CF). I doubt anyone has built their portfolio this way yet, since regulatory changes are so new. Many people have their eye on the funding sites, though. And some of us are registered with these sites that are most likely someday to be players in the 'portal' business for non-accredited CF activities.

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