Good Crowdfunding Source for REI Transactions

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Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone knows of a reliable and effective crowd funding site (you used PERSONALLY multiple times) to fund part or [even] all of your real estate transactions, and whether it would be a sound decision in my particular situation

In my particular case, I am looking to do multiple double closings (wholesale) using cash buyers, fix & flip AND/OR rent with HUD properties

Moreover, I had another idea to promote to investors/prospects within the crowd funding realm; I am thinking of purchasing a HUD property myself with the aims of converting both the building and the associated land into a commercial greenhouse facility and/or headquarters for a new company in sustainable systems installation and maintenance (aquaponic systems, vertical garden irrigation, solar heat/electricity)

The ultimate objective is to figure out which path would be most effective -- as of rite now -- and run with it. That said, I will NEED to create liquid capital for the aforementioned business, and thus, facilitating any combination of REI transactions with HUD (as described in the second sentence) can certainly provide that when done correctly.

I look forward to hearing input from you guys!

Thanks a Million!

- Patrick S.

Hi @Patrick Sullivan I was hoping others who had done deals would respond. There are a few people on Bigger Pockets who have, and many more who have invested in the deals those platforms have listed. So I'll encourage you to review the crowdfunding threads on BP and also to reach out to the sites themselves. We work with the small business real estate operator a lot, though we only lend; no equity. If you want to learn more about us, feel free to reach out. The HUD you just described sounds like something Fundrise might be able to fund because they do cool projects like that.

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