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A friend and I have been racking our brains trying to figure this real estate game out. There are 2 primary hurdles that are immediate. Knowledge of the real estate procedures itself and finances. I finally came to the conclusion that unless you are very intelligent or very lucky, in light of the existing laws in place, getting started in real estate isn't going to be easy. As I was reading some articles, a news service I subscribe to dinged an incoming message about some start up entrepreneur who had successfully launched a video game with money he obtained from kickstarter-one of the top crowdfunding websites. Then it hit me, that's it: Crowdfunding for real estate. I googled "crowdfunding for business startup and I found the top 7 crowdfunding websites for small business. The article link below.

@Cecil Russell  I don't think you must be extraordinarily intelligent or lucky to make a living in real estate.  I think a passion for the business, combined with hard work and surrounding yourself with the right team and mentors are the key ingredients.

With respect to real estate crowdfunding, you should search the discussions and forums - there is a wealth of information from folks much better informed than I.

I have invested in several deals through real estate crowdfunding platforms.  My favorites are  and

 Each have their various strengths and types of deals they do - some offer debt only; some equity only; and others a combination.

Good luck to you!


I did not have those, Thanks. I love Bigger Pockets.

Lee Russell

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