Is Real Estate Crowdfunding Right for You

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New article on JustAskBenWhy Blog.  Rather blunt, as you would expect from me, though I wonder how many would disagree...

Is Real Estate Corwdfunding Right for You?



Hi Ben,

I believe crowd funding is going to be a huge source of investment for non accredited investors. They will be the type of people that have 10,000 in their 401k and buy 10/$1000 investments in 10 different loans to spread the risk. They will buy these in their back yard analyze them in the internet and go on with their lives with checks in the mail secured by Real Estate at 6%-10%. 

Terry Lewis

Hi Ben, 

This is an interesting topic. I have looked into some opportunities for non-accredited investors and at times, Fundrise has offerings for that group of people. I think its a neat concept, but I personally will not throw more money than I could afford to lose into it in the meantime (just like if I were at the casino, although I am not too shabby at blackjack ;). Aside from any investments that I would have my own skin in, I am a fan of REITs made up of holdings of well known (and public) companies. I look forward to seeing where crowdfunding in real estate will go!

Ben, I get your point. Is not crowd funding just another channel to attract money. Which your point supports full circle. I understand there could be other or better channels. Your article kind of makes the point for crowd funding. I don't disagree with the article but I don't think that interpretation was your intention as you wrote it.



Interesting, @Matt R.  - I personally can't find room for it in anything that I do.  Money is not a problem; finding deals worth doing is the problem for me.  Interesting...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Matt!

@Ben Leybovich   As always, good content. Unlike normal, you actually come out and say what you think. ;)

For sure Ben, I can understand some don't need at all.

thanks ,


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