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I would like to gauge the interest of the BiggerPockets community on a new Single Family Rental (SFR) Investment fund idea.

As we all know the Single Family Rental market is on the rise and can be very lucrative for both small and big investor alike.

We've all seen the macroeconomic trends shifting towards a bigger and more stable renter society, and we all know that Wall Street now has anappetite for the SFRproduct with more than 4 public REITS focusing in the space.

We given the changes in the Securities laws, with the idea to give investors the opportunity to participate in the SFR space like an Institutional player but without the need of spending the time/cash to do so.

We, ourselves, have been operating in the space for more than 6 years and now we are offering accredited investors the chance to join our funds with lower minimum investment than other private funds.

Any feedback from investors who are always looking and comparing different options would be greatly appreciated.


Daniel Sultan

This looks interesting.  How does this compare with

@jflyntok Thanks for asking.

We are different than and other, in 3 main areas.

1- We focus on a very particular product, Single Family Rentals, from an equity perspective, we are not listing debt or other type of real estates.

2 - We are the real estate operators. We are raising the money to be deployed and use by us, we are not sitting in the middle between investors and developers.

3 - We are strategy specific, not asset specific.

Our view is that there should be a away for investors to get true diversification on the Single Family Rental space without the big ticket.

Let me know if this helps. And please let me know your thoughts.


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