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I'm a content writer from Ireland that's doing some work with a company looking to introduce Commercial Real Estate crowdfunding to the Irish market. 

They need some blog posts to get them started, and I want to write a "Tips from the Experts" piece where investors more familiar with the concept give advice on some of the advantages / pitfalls of the model. 

If anyone is interested in contributing their two cents it would be very much appreciated; just let me know in the replies and I'll get back to you.  

Apologies if this kind of post borders on 'asking for a mentor', but the thought of contacting individuals posting on the subject seemed more intrusive than making an open request.

@Ciaran Healy

I actually started putting together some resources on crowdfunding on this page here:

I link to a couple of articles on the subject there as well.  I've been very interested in the crowdfunding industry over the past few years, and think that BiggerPockets is a natural place for real estate crowdfunding to evolve - lot's of knowledgeable but low net worth investors here on the platform, with the intellect and background to invest, but lacking opportunity.

I will be following this thread, and hope to see some great tips and advice.  There is a tremendous amount to learn about crowdfunding - vetting the "portals" or sites is just as important as vetting the investments themselves.

@Scott Trench

Hey Scott, thanks so much for the reply and for the useful information. This site's been an invaluable resource in getting a better understanding of how the model applies to financial investment. 

Best of luck with this @Ciaran Healy

I´d be happy to help out a fellow Irishman but am not an expert on crowdfunding unfortunately. That being said, please send me a PM (if you can) with more details on your companies activities in Dublin, it sounds very interesting. 

Go raibh maith agat @Colin Murphy !

I'm putting together some promotional material over the next week or two and I'd be happy to send them over to you when I'm done. I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts

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