Real Estate Crowdfunding for projects under $100k

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I'm looking for the right platform for to post smaller real estate purchases. Depending on the property I may fix and flip, or rent and hold. I do believe there are some pretty straightforward formulas to buying a profitable single and multi-family home. What I'm having trouble finding is a Crowdfunding site for projects under $100k.

I've done about a dozen projects in the last 15 years ($5k - $600k) or so and know that it isn't a passive business but does take skill and work to make a profit.

Any insight on what crowdfunding site to use to find investors for smaller projects?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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@Michael Slawin
There is a fixed cost and a time cost to doing these deals. The problem is that to do an offering to the "crowd" it would cost a lot of money in documents, compliance etc. and these costs are generally just about fixed so it would cost you a lot more than you probably want to pay. Also, from the platform's perspective it takes the same amount of time more or less to do a small offering as a larger one so they focus more on the latter.

Why not just go to hard money? its just about the same thing except the funding platforms take the loan directly to investors whereas hard money gets money from investors and then lends it to you. They are not that different. 

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