Anyone raise JV or preferred equity w/ RealtyShares???

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Just curious to know if any fellow investors have gone down this path. Our private equity group is considering the JV/preferred equity structure using Realty Shares with the purpose being that we can access our untapped equity without having to refinance or sell.

Would love to hear about your experiences!


@Joey Budka ,

I'm assuming you're talking about a scenario where RealtyShares purchases a preferred equity interest in the company holding the properties.  This is a very common structure that we've used successfully several times.  In practice, it's really not so much different from mezzanine debt.

The preferred equity strategy is a great alternative to debt financing in cases like yours where you already own the property and don't really want to go through the process of refinancing.  

@Adam Bontrager Thanks for the feedback. I met with some of the guys at RS, but their programs don't make as much sense for us since we get cheap hard money relatively easily. 

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