Adding Projects for Free?

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I would like to know if there are any crowdfunding sites that allow you to add projects without any restrictions i.e. free of charge. What crowdfunding site can you recommend and why? We may want to raise debt equity via first position mortgage. 

Yes.  It is called Craig's List.

I don't know of any such commercial platform and would never be an investor on such a platform.

The crowdfunding sites provide a variety of services to investors that all cost money.  Their fees pay for those services.  Just a few services that I think of as important include vetting projects so investors have quality opportunities, managing payments, resolving problems (i.e. foreclosure) and tax reporting.

I think alowing just any project to be posted would turn off every investor.

Hello Matthew,

I don't know of any legitimate platforms that would do this. A lot of a crowdfunding platform's revenue comes from sponsor fees. There's a lot of operating costs that a good crowdfunding platform has to cover with these fees.  Good platforms have to vet deals to make sure the deals they're posting are good quality deals and are going to make their investors money.

Even if there was a platform that allowed free posting, I would probably stay away since the quality is probably not going to be there.