Loans for Fix & Flip

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@Joe Rottura , GROUNDFLOOR allows non-accredited investors to participate, whereas Patch of Land and PeerStreet are limited to accredited investors.  GROUNDFLOOR only accepts investors from certain states that allow intrastate crowdfunding, though.  I've never heard anything bad about GROUNDFLOOR, it just doesn't seem to get as much media attention as the other two.

Hi Nicole, we are now on hold waiting for the owner clearing up some title issues. As soon as it is completed I will follow through with the loan process with GroundFloor and will definitely inform everyone. 


I'm a PeerStreet funder and they do not make loans direct to developers. They buy loans from HMLs or from Private Equity with the exception of Knock out of Atlanta. Knock is a large buyer, rehabber and seller of properties with national aspirations started by 2 founding members of Trulia and backed with $35 million of VC.

I am a charter funder with Groundfloor funding over 65 loans and have submitted 4 deals to them a while back for funding. Though I ultimately decided to go elsewhere for funding, perhaps I can answer a few questions. 

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