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looks like they sell how to training on who to buy from auction websites.. not sure why anyone would pay for that.. its pretty cut and dry.

you register at the auction sites.. you bid you win the bid you buy.

we buy a lot of auction stuff your not going to fool these folks with fake POFS and you defiantly not going to assign contracts..

they are pretty rigid on keeping the no money wholesalers from participating in these auctions.

there is not a lot of opportunity there.. there is so much competition for these assests you have to follow 50 to find one good deal.. too much money chasing too few deals and banks have their prices too high..

best way to do this is to follow ones that don't sell .. sometimes banks will tire and all of a sudden lower the price a lot.

not sure what your thought process here is.. but if you don't have the cash or have cash partners this is a total waste of time to pay anyone to tell you how to bid at auctions.. no major secrets here.

Just like most of real estate nothing is new .. and its all been done for years and many times over.