Hi Everyone, 

I was recently made aware of an excellent resource that conducts third-party reviews of all types of investing company's, including online real estate investing companies and platforms. The site is called InvestorMint and it is setup to minimize any bias in reviews. They do this by having two teams, one team that conducts interviews of the companies that they are reviewing, and one team that writes the reviews based on their own research of the company. Once the review is written, the team that conducted the interview corroborates their interview findings with the writers findings in an effort to eliminate potential inaccuracies without inputing any biased opinions. InvestorMint real estate investing company reviews could be a great resource for you to supplement the due diligence and discussions you conduct on these same companies on BiggerPockets. Reviews are all as of 2018 and include:

  • Fundrise
  • LendingHome
  • Origin Investments (the company that I work for)
  • Patch of Land
  • Real Crowd
  • Realty Mogul
  • Realty Shares
  • Rich Uncles

It would be great to hear your personal experiences with these real estate companies and whether or not they align with the reviews.