Looking for investors

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I'm new to real estate investing and I'm from Kerrville tx I've been listening to bp religiously for months now and I've been wanting to get some more insight or have a conversation with investors about certain criteria i would appreciate ALL advice from anybody 

You will typically find rates across the board. Investors who put money into the management of the lender do so because of a higher rate of return than most anything else so you will see rates north of 10% in most cases. But you should see any loan you take as a short term thing. You generally have 40 days to flip a property. Loans are 3-6 months sometimes 12 or even 24. Some lenders have 2-3 loans go through one of their investors a year. As you get more experience you will find a lot of one off investors who will fund you. 

It's based on experience and the deal itself. As you get more experience, they see you paying your loans off on time or early and youre making good returns they will lower your rates.