Are you passive investor, accredited or non? THIS IS A MUST READ

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Who cares what city is doing great things. I don't care about your asset class preference. I don't care that you've looked at every syndicator who has 10K units in his back pocket and then a Megalodon in the other. Truth is, most you won't truth check a stinkin' word. 

I get it. There are some people who have worked hard and gotten that nest egg to invest. Now, the last thing you want to do is have to make the decisions about how it makes all that money. That's another skill you can outsource to a service provider. Problem is, these syndicators, how do you choose one? Well, you want it in a great city with great returns right? Go with big and flashy with promises of damn near riches... hell no. But, most do.

I know of syndicators on this platform who are selling education teaching others the WRONG way of doing things and doing things that could land him out of the industry faster than you can check the T-Bond. So, what to do? Find the GOOD people. THE BEST people. You can. Meet them. Talk to them. Actually form a relationship w multiple syndicators. Or, find someone to make you a personal introduction. If anyone would like to meet one of my good people who I recommend, just reach out and ask.  My PM is always open.

Couldn't agree more, @Meghan McCallum , especially on the promises of riches. In this economy, I think investors need to be weary of the promise of ultra high returns. Not to say that 20%+ IRR is absolutely not attainable, but it's definitely not "conservative" to underwrite to that anymore, with some rare exceptions.

Great post @Meghan McCallum ! Nothing is promised just earned. Know, trust and like are all good to invest but how does one communicate to their investors is key. I love this post and please continue to serve the community like you do. I appreciate you!

"I don't care... I don't care... most of you won't truth check a stinkin' word." 

Thanks for letting us know how you feel, and for telling us what we won't do.