Where is Everybody Now?

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It's probably been about a year since I visited this forum and it's like a ghost town with few posts. The ones I've seen are indicating that many of the crowdfunding sites are not doing very well or have completely sunk. The last time I was here, it seemed every post was talking about a different crowdfunding website and how good the returns looked.What a difference a year makes!

Is this assessment accurate? Have most of the passive investing/lending platforms gone south? Are folks looking elsewhere to invest?

I too would like to know what are people's favorites right now? I've been using Groundfloor and have been happy with the results. Have tried a few others and find they typically don't have as good interest rates or deal flow like GF.

@Josh Thomas I love Groundfloor as a borrower, haven't tried it as a lender.

My first loan with them was a couple of years ago and it was very easy to do business with them. A little bit too easy.

I borrowed a second time almost a year ago and there was substantially more underwriting. More a pain for me as a borrower but better for lenders. Really, it's better for everyone to have better underwriting. I want Groundfloor to be around so I can keep borrowing at low rates!

We're applying for a third loan and it will be interesting to see if they've changed in the last year.