Has anyone worked with company’s like CIX connectedinvestors.com

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I’m new to BiggerPockets and had decided to join the community to find some pro advice and also extend my network. Home improvement contractor that has been looking to get into some fix and flip and also buy and hold properties and have been researching creative options for funding my potential investment any advice would be greatly appreciated!

@renan Run!  Run fast!  Nothing good comes from that website and we have heard horror stories.

My long story is similar... I originally came out of the Construction business before building several more businesses and getting a grasp in market segments, investments worthwhile etc. I suggest Cherry picking off the MLS to locate your first deal. Find a few local realtors with deals in the area, ask them to work a 1/2% in your favor and work hard on that deal. You're in NY area? Should be plenty of money on the MLS there for you if you have the manpower to get the work done.

Profit and then consider leads.  Exhaust your free resources to make your initial capital then worry about where to invest a marketing budget.

FYI This thread should be in another forum as it has nothing to do with crowdfunding platforms. That being said I am following it and curious if people have used the service. I used a similar site called REIPro awhile ago. Did 3-4 sets of 100+postcard mailings to expired listings and had like 1 or 2 callbacks. No luck.