$1M until max raise with 30 days: How would you raise the $?

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Home Stretch!

We had used the advice of fellow BP members a negotiated a $1M seller finance on top of our $3M in equity out of a $5M max syndication raise for our California senior housing investment closing in 30 days.

How would you raise the final $1M for a real estate syndication project?

Have you talked to your SEC attorney?  Your options are very different based on the Reg under which you filed your syndication. Choosing the wrong option can put you in legal trouble.

Mine your network first.  Once you exhaust that you will need to network and advertise for new investors.  If you find a company to link arms with they can help you raise the capital you need by helping you with your marketing plan.  Then you as the sponsor can vet investors and use your exemption to bring them into your project.