Crowdfunding Opinions Wanted

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Originally posted by @Brandi T. :

Looking for opinions/experience with the following sites:

Rich Uncles

Realty Mogul





 Brandi, as a conservative, accredited investor, I personally feel there are better choices for my own money.

However, everyone is different and you may be more aggressive or coming from a different place. And if you are non-accredited then you have less options to choose from.

I have talked with thousands of crowdfunding investors. Here are some of the things they have said about those sites:

1) Rich Uncles: investors claim that these funds have recently taken huge NAV losses, and I believe also shut down withdrawals.
2) Realty Mogul, Groundfloor: investors claim certain deals in the past have not gone well, little to no skin in the game, relatively inexperienced sponsors versus other options.
3) Holdfolio: investors claim they don't have much experience in their new strategy, versus other options.
4) Fundrise: investors claim that some of the offerings appear to be relatively high leverage versus other options, little to no skin in the game.
54) Streitwise: they have a lot lower leverage than, for example, many of the offerings on FundRise, and they also put significant skin in the game.