Anyone own or run a crowdfunding site?

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I'm looking to pitch to a crowdfunding company to help me raise money for my real estate investment projects. The only issue is I need capital. I can pitch the investor the idea(s) and show them the numbers.

@Charles Cooper

“The only issue I need is capital”.

You and about three million other people.

We get about 50-75 requests for capital per week.

First, we eliminate any request where the borrower/syndicator doesn’t have a significant amount of his own capital in the deal

Next, we eliminate people inexperienced in investing in the type of property being presented

Then, we eliminate people who are unrealistic about the cost of our capital

Once a proposed deal makes it through the above, we will review the merits of the proposed deal. A bunch more get eliminated when the borrower or syndicator is unable or unwilling to provide the fairly minimal documentation we request. More eliminated when they can’t satisfactorily answer due diligence questions we ask. Also, when we discover their hiding something thinking we won’t find out, or we catch them in an act of dishonesty in presenting the deal.

At this stage if we think the deals a go, we will issue a Letter of Interest. Unless the borrower has a very recent appraisal performed by an MAI appraiser, we will request a payment for the MAI appraisal, as well as a payment for an environmental screen. Many applicants mysteriously disappear when they realize they'll have to put up some money to "play the game".

About one third of the time the applicant is shocked when the appraised value of the property is significantly lower than his guesstimate. Other times liens, mortgages, and other title issues undisclosed or unknown to the applicant are uncovered in the preliminary title report. Once in a while the environmental screen comes back high risk, and the applicant will need to obtain a phase 1, and maybe phase 2 environmental report.

Despite common misconception, nobody invests $1 million - $10 million without a lot of blood, sweat and tears.