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I am actively seeking creative ways that I can purchase a SFH for 120k. I will be attending grad school for a year and have been trying SO HARD! to get approved for a loan. Due to my high debt and currently low income I've continued to fail and fail. I am not ready to give up yet, I want to buy a property to live in and rent out to my peers. I would love to find someone to partner with me but there aren't too many people out there that I know and trust to help. I am willing to hear any creative Ideas this bigger pockets community has to offer!

I have enough in assets. My DTI seems to be my only real issue.

Next year I won't have a problem with income. However, I want to make this move now! I would much rather spend my butt working hard paying off my own mortgage rather than somebody else's! ADVICE NEEDED!


Message me.  I am out of Leominster; I am open to helping IF we can figure out a way to mutually benefit.  My partner sold a 3 family in Worcester a little while back - we like that market.