Corpus Christi, Texas Monthly Real Estate Meetup!

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  • 01/31/21 02:00PM - 04:00PM America/Chicago
  •, 401 S. Water St. Corpus Christi, Texas 78401
  • Free

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Looking to start 2021 strong and meetup with like minded people in Corpus Christi, Texas? Investors, Realtors, Contractors and all real estate like minded individuals are welcome! Location is Corpus Christi's spacious downtown Nueces Brewing and BBQ. An Indoor/Outdoor, dog and family friendly brewery with fantastic Brews and BBQ overlooking the bay.  This meeting will be a great place to meet each other in general and make connections to further each others real estate investment goals. Hope to see you there!

Event: Corpus Christi, Texas Real Estate Monthly Meet Up

Date: Sunday, January 31, 2021

Time: 2 - 4 PM

Location: Nueces Brewing and BBQ

Nueces Brewing Company
401 S. Water St
Corpus Christi TX 78401

If this event isn't still happening on a regular basis, looks like there's enough interest to start it up again.  We could decide on a new date and meet in the same place mentioned above.  I don't want to steal this away from @Tara Kreutter though since it's her event originally!

@Sandy Morales @Ray Juarez @Fher Madrid @Ajay Ham @Tara Kreutter @Brandon Coleman @Dante Christian Miller @Jonathon Judy @Gilberto Quinones @Darren Hicks @Chris Zuyus @sam kemper @david ray norris @clark smith

Hi all, how about we get this started up again in November?  My wife and I will plan to be there.  Let me know if you can attend!

Event: Corpus Christi, Texas Real Estate Monthly Meet Up

Date: Friday, Nov 5 2021 (First Friday of each month)

Time: 6-8 PM

Location: Nueces Brewing and BBQ

@Sandy Morales @Ray Juarez @Fher Madrid @Ajay Ham @Tara Kreutter @Brandon Coleman @Dante Christian Miller @Jonathon Judy @Gilberto Quinones @Darren Hicks @Chris Zuyus @sam kemper @david ray norris @clark smith @Ben Ashburn  

I want to meet up on a weekday evening. I work weekends but really need to build a strong network to share what I am learning and to devour your knowledge. I live on the island and would like to meet up with any of you at any time monday - thursday. I am working hard to get my first deal. I found a solid one but a foot soldier from Montalvo new what they were doing and snagged it because I wasn't quick on the draw due to knowledge deficits. 

I currently have one amazing lender, and I am working on finding the right agent, contractor, and property management. The agent I'm working with is super driven but still fairly green, what makes her worth it is she is going to be good. I have a zoom meeting tonight with a contractor and hope we can see eye to eye. I haven't found a property management company yet but I want one that was grown organically, just a person who got so busy managing his own he needed help.

Looking forward to hearing from each of you!!